Letters of Demand

Have You Received a Letter of Demand?

Generally, a supplier or business that has not received a payment from you within a certain timeframe will issue you a letter of demand.

This will state how much money is owed as well as the required timeframe allowed to make payment. This is a final warning before more serious, possibly legal, action is taken.

The letter will show the financial year in which the debts have been accrued, the amount or amounts owing, relevant supporting documentation and warnings about future consequences should the debts not be paid.

These can be very confronting letters to receive, especially if there is no cash on hand to even pay the debt in part.

Fortunately, Business Savers deals with situations just like this every day.

Business Savers can help you make the next move and prevent legal action being taken against you for failing to pay your bills. Learn more about financial stress management or Creditors Voluntary Liquidation by getting in touch to arrange a free, initial consultation with one of our friendly team.