Financial Anxiety Quiz

Managing your financial situation can sometimes be a challenge. Especially during a time of changing market conditions, financial anxiety has become more serious than ever.

Financial anxiety can affect anyone. Money stressors can quickly get out of hand regardless of your income, debts or general financial health. If money worries are a concern for you, take a few minutes to go over our financial anxiety quiz and assess whether it’s time to seek help with your situation.

Take the Financial Anxiety Quiz

Take the Financial Anxiety Quiz

Our financial anxiety quiz is designed to help you self-assess your stress levels. The quiz will only take a minute or two.

There are 15 questions in our financial anxiety quiz. Read through each of them and then respond accordingly.

How much you do agree with each points
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I try to avoid thinking about or discussing money.
Money is affecting my relationships.
Financial worries are causing me to lose sleep.
I have lied about money, debts and financial decisions.
I am worried about my ability to pay upcoming bills.
Financial anxiety is impacting my physical health.
I feel ashamed of my financial position.
I procrastinate about taking action to change my situation.
My financial situation causes me to feel ashamed.
Money is the reason I’m not living the life I want.
Thinking about money makes me feel overwhelmed or confused.
I worry about inflation, the economy and how other outside forces will affect my financial situation.
I worry about growing older and how my finances will affect my retirement.
Money, job security and spending habits are often on my mind.
I struggle to make minor changes to my budget or spending habits.
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Financial Anxiety Can Happen to Anyone

Financial stress is a common issue plaguing Australians. Recent research shows 20% of Australian families are concerned about their financial situation. Despite working more hours, the average Australian is experiencing more financial anxiety than ever, and it’s not necessarily tied to income levels.

Our financial anxiety quiz is designed to reflect the fact that money worries can affect anybody. You’ll notice that the quiz doesn’t ask for any information about your income, expenses or debts. 

That’s because it’s possible to experience financial anxiety regardless of how much money you make or how many hours you work. In fact, people who experience financial anxiety often find themselves working longer hours, even if it doesn’t have a positive effect on their anxiety levels.

How to Manage Your Financial Anxiety

True financial anxiety is all about your perception of your situation. Regardless of your income or expenses, experiencing financial stress can have a major impact on your life, relationships and physical health.

If you’re suffering from moderate or high levels of financial anxiety, there are a few things you can do to manage your stress levels:

  • Assess your spending habits. Managing financial anxiety begins with getting a handle on your spending. Figure out where your money goes and then make decisions about where you need to cut back.
  • Make a plan. Investigating your spending habits and making a budget can greatly reduce financial anxiety. Simply having a plan gives you a sense of control that can help you overcome any stress you’re experiencing.
  • Prioritise your spending. Control your financial anxiety by prioritising how you spend your money. Pay important bills first to make sure discretionary spending fits within your budget.
  • Deal with financial anxiety properly. If you’re experiencing stress, it’s important to deal with it properly rather than allowing it to affect your life. This could be as simple as confiding in a friend, or it might mean seeking professional advice and counselling.
  • Seek professional financial advice. Financial anxiety can be a warning sign that it’s time to seek professional help. When money troubles can lead to serious outcomes like bankruptcy, talking to a financial advisor is the best way to improve your situation.

Struggling with Stress and Financial Anxiety?

Financial anxiety is a bigger problem than ever for Australians. Whether you’re worried about your personal finances or your business’ performance, financial stress can quickly get out of control. For advice about your situation and ways, you can manage financial anxiety, talk to the team at Business Savers.

Our advisors are financial stress experts. We help individuals and businesses of all sizes to navigate times of uncertainty, change and financial anxiety. Whether you need assistance in Voluntary Administration, Bankruptcy or Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, we take a tailored approach to our services that ensures we can always find the best outcome for your situation.

For a confidential discussion about your financial position, contact us online or phone 1300 069 155 to speak with our team.